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Top 12 Best Creatine Monohydrate Supplements That Really Work

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Creatine bodybuilding supplements are built to stand the test of time. These supplements create a practical and effective approach to realizing your fitness goals by including them in your routine. Most of its users find the supplements help improve their endurance, promote increased recovery after strenuous workouts, and increase muscle mass.

Most creatine supplements found on the market only feature pure creatine and other essential amino acids. However, some prospects introduce different creatine variants like creatine hydrochloride to increase the product’s functionality. Consuming creatine supplements elevates your performance, energizes your muscle cells, and promotes muscle gain. Powdered creatine supplements are more effective at promoting bodybuilding faster than most supplements.

Several factors play a significant role in determining how effective a creatine supplement will be for you. Since there are different types of creatine, it would help to research and try out several products before settling on a particular product. Each creatine variant offers a unique effect on its users. This article highlights the best creatine supplements available and their benefits. You can go through our list to find worthy prospects to consider in your fitness and wellness journey.

Browsing through the dozens of creatine supplements is stressful, even for experienced fitness enthusiasts. You need to equip yourself with the necessary knowledge about their formula and the ingredients included in the products. Monohydrate, creatine HCL, micronized creatine items, and other creatine types are common areas where new buyers may get confused.

Our best creatine supplement is Xwerks Lift, which effectively strengthens your muscle cells and elevates your general performance. If you are serious about considering creatine supplements for your dietary and fitness goals, you are in the right place. You must find the best supplement for your situation to guarantee satisfactory results.

Creatine Explained

The human body produces creatine by itself. Creatine is a mixture of; glycine, arginine, and methionine. These amino acids play a substantial role in providing the required nutrients to provide muscle fuel during exercise. Your muscles will have insufficient energy to facilitate movement if you do not have enough creatine.

Not many cases of creatine deficiency are recorded. However, if your system has an insufficient supply of these amino acids, you can seek creatine supplements to restore normal body functioning. Introducing creatine to your system is most often an approach to support your muscles for faster body movements during exercises or other activities. According to numerous studies, it helps increase your lifting strength and sprinting speed.

How Creatine Works

Creatine is a simple compound to understand. Consuming it guarantees its users a positive impact on their muscle contractions and the numerous processes involved. Your body contains ATP, which provides enough energy necessary for the activities engaged in for a 10-second burst. A creatine supplement offers your system more of the compound, extending the time significantly and improving your performance.

Creatine supplements are very effective in elevating your performance by increasing your ATP levels. The higher your ATP levels, the more you maintain high energy levels and maximize your efficiency. Numerous studies indicate that introducing creatine to your body will substantially improve your training intensity and recovery.

Who Can Take Creatine?

The popular opinion on who should take creatine supplements in our society is bodybuilders and fitness enthusiasts. However, many benefits are associated with these supplements that make them appealing to a larger population. Anybody who wishes to promote better muscle recovery, joint health, lean muscle development, and brain health should consider including creatine supplements in their routine.

Here is a list of individuals who might benefit substantially by consuming creatine supplements;

  • If you want to improve your muscle mass and strength
  • If you’re going to improve your workout
  • If you aim to increase lean muscle mass
  • If you seek to recover faster after an intense workout session or injury
  • If you want to improve your cognitive function

Types of Creatine

Creatine users should understand the different types of creatine to help them maximize their experience and results with these supplements. There are several variants of creatine, creatine monohydrate being the most famous and productive. The other creatine variants also promise outstanding health benefits and are featured in numerous products. You can find supplements with more than five creatine variants, making them more efficient than most prospects.

Creatine Monohydrate

You are likely to find creatine monohydrate in almost every supplement you consider, since it is the most cost-effective option. The creatine variant also substantially improves your general health and elevates your performance. It was the original version of creatine used in supplements for bodybuilding.

Creatine Ethyl Ester

This creatine variant is explicit in introducing bonds with ester salts which effectively promote better bioavailability. Although studies show no significant difference between ethyl ester and monohydrate, the digestive system’s ability to reap its benefits is notable.

Creatine Hydrochloride

Creatine HCL bonds with hydrochloride molecules to ensure the formula is gentle on your digestive process since it is water-soluble. If you find that you experience stomach upsets after consuming creatine, consider this variant. It is a particular type of creatine featured in most creatine supplements as it functions well with other elements. Creatine HCL also effectively allows you to exceed your potential despite not being termed as the best creatine form.

Buffered Creatine

Buffered creatine has the highest pH level of other creatine forms. In other aspects, it is similar to creatine monohydrate and holds much better in your system.

Liquid Creatine

Scientists found that liquifying creatine makes it easier for consumers to use and enjoy the supplement’s benefits. Although this variant is popular among fitness enthusiasts and athletes, shallow research still backs its science. Liquid creatine is not available in the market in large quantities, and you will have to make specific order requests to supplement manufacturers. The liquid variant can replace other creatine supplements if introduced to the market, including micronized supplements.

Creatine Magnesium Chelate

This creatine variant achieves faster absorbability by bonding with magnesium. Little research promotes this variant, but its effects are visible in numerous users as it is common in creatine monohydrate powders. Regardless of which creatine variant you choose, most aim to increase your energy levels and elevate your physical performance.

Best Creatine Supplements

Xwerks LIFT

Xwerks is an established brand in the fitness supplement industry. The Xwerks LIFT is one of their creatine supplement formulas that guarantees outstanding performance with a handful of health benefits. They ensure the consumer gets what they want without taking complicated approaches and remedies, unlike other supplements that flood your formula with unnecessary ingredients for exaggerated benefits without scientific evidence. Xwerks lift offers unflavored creatine monohydrate that you can blend with other liquids to create a pre-workout drink.

The powder strengthens your muscle cells by delivering top-notch micronized creatine monohydrate. After achieving the required creatine content, your body can develop lean muscle mass and improve your athletic performance. Note that not all creatine supplements guarantee to enhance athletic performance; the creatine group featured in this product is what makes it unique. You are guaranteed five grams of creatine in each serving of the Xwerks LIFT, while every container offers around eighty servings.

Xwerks LIFT is our best creatine supplement and features hundreds of positive reviews from verified purchases. The product is favorably priced and guarantees its user’s incredible value for money.

Formulation Powder
Price $39
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Creatine monohydrate


Elm & Rye Creatine


The Elm & Rye creatine supplement has not been in existence for long in the industry. Among the few new prospects mentioned in our list, it guarantees health benefits exceeding their reputation. It helps users increase their physical performance and improve muscle growth by providing their bodies with the ideal creatine content daily. You also enjoy a perfect balance of body-essential nutrients to help alleviate muscle fatigue experienced during recovery or after a strenuous session.

The Elm & Rye creatine comes in capsules. Although the creatine content offered might be less than other prospects, it is still enough to facilitate performance improvements, since you are assured of 1,400mg in every serving.

Formulation Capsules
Price $50
Dosage Two capsules daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Creatine monohydrate


Onnit Creatine


Onnit creatine is another solid fitness and wellness supplement. The brand holds an excellent reputation globally and delivers numerous health benefits. No side effects are associated with consuming this prospect, and users of all ages can seek refuge in its formula. Its formula features creatine monohydrate to improve performance and strength.

Formulation Powder
Price $15
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Micronized creatine monohydrate


Beast Sports Creature Creatine


Beast Sports Creature Creatine is an outstanding fitness supplement. It offers exquisite packaging that stands out from the rest while proving assertive in boosting your muscle mass. Unlike most unflavored prospects, this supplement provides its users with various flavors. Cherry limeade, pink lemonade, and citrus are examples of the flavor options offered by the Beast Sports Creature Creatine.

By elevating their performance, users find it easier to improve their lean muscle mass, increase sprinting speed, and boost their bench press. You may need to create an intense routine that allows you to achieve your specific fitness objectives and improve the supplement’s effectiveness in your system. Here are the types of creatine included in the Beast Sports Creature Creatine supplement;

  • Di-Creatine malate
  • Crea-Trona
  • Creatine anhydrous
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine gluconate

Beast Sports Creature Creatine supplement also gives you the choice of deciding between powders and capsules. The supplement is available in two forms, each delivering the same health benefits to meet your needs. You only need one glass of water to mix one scoop of the powder, while capsules require you to wash them down with any fluid. To ensure maximum benefits, consider ingesting the supplement before and after your workout. It effectively boosts your athletic performance by providing your body with higher doses of creatine monohydrate in each serving.

Formulation Powder
Price $30
Dosage Two servings daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Di-creatine malateCreatine gluconateCreatine monohydrateCreatine anhydrousCrea-Trona


Performance Lab Sport Maintain


Few creatine supplements can deliver health benefits, like the performance lab Sport Maintain unit. This formula effectively improves muscle growth, provided you pair its consumption with regular exercise. Specialists recommend using it daily to deliver a more permanent effect on your power, endurance, and strength.

You don’t have to mix it with other products to ensure it stands out in the mixture consumed. The supplement comes in pills, making it less ideal for drinking with other compounds. You may need to take around six to ten pills before getting the target muscle gains.

Formulation Capsules
Price $44
Dosage Two capsules daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Beta-alanine and creatine


Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 Creatine


Crazy Nutrition is an outstanding creatine supplement that guarantees significant health benefits to all its users. Its formula serves as a legal steroid alternative while offering a high-quality remedy to elevate your performance. The product comes in a 10.2-gram container that offers around 30 scoops each. If you want to improve your pumps and make heavy lifting easy, this supplement is for you. Other significant benefits include enhancing your workout experience and enhancing your recovery process.

Crazy Nutrition supplements won the hearts of many by delivering consistent results in every use without the common side effects. One aspect that makes it outstanding is its formula, which features five creatine types. They include:

  • Creatine hydrochloride
  • Tri-creatine malate
  • Creatine citrate pyruvate
  • Pure creatine monohydrate
  • Creatine ethyl ester

A blend featuring all these creatine sources helps ensure you get adequate creatine supplementation to support normal functioning and other health benefits. Not many supplements in the market can deliver what the Crazy Nutrition CRN-5 creatine supplement offers. It comes in powder form and has no side effects, provided you adhere to the consumption instructions.

It is among the best performing creatine monohydrate supplements that deliver numerous benefits. If you are looking for a gentle supplement for your stomach that enhances hydration, here is your ideal prospect.

Formulation Powder
Side effects None
Price $49
Dosage One serving daily
Ingredients Creatine monohydrateCreatine ethyl esterCreatine hydrochlorideTri-creatine malateCreatine citrate pyruvate


Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Powder


Another creatine supplement with a strong reputation in the industry is Optimum Nutrition. This supplement contains micronized creatine powder which is significantly superior to other creatine variants and guarantees a quicker nutrient absorption in your system. You are better equipped to boost your body’s efforts to increase muscle size and strength and elevate your performance to unlock higher limits. By consuming 5 grams of creatine monohydrate in each serving, you can improve your ATP recycling and make more powerful movements than in previous sessions.

Specialists recommend the Optimum nutrition creatine powder for all individuals looking to prioritize muscle development in their routines. The supplement is ideal for these individuals since it is free of carbohydrates and calories. Also, the formula is free from fillers and ensures you get the perfect creatine monohydrate content to boost body functioning.

This product’s quality delivered to consumers is a benchmark for all other creatine-including supplements. It guarantees the best creatine form with fewer additives and unnecessary components in the formula. Optimum nutrition continues to be the ideal supplement for many as it includes three amino acids to ensure your performance-boosting efforts are not futile.

Formulation Powder
Price $10.95
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Creatine monohydrate


NSP Nutrition Muscle Power Creatine


If you want results fast, consider adding the NSP Nutrition Muscle power creatine supplement to your diet. This supplement understands the need for users to seek faster results and delivers a formula that will guarantee substantial improvements in the shortest time possible. It increases your muscle mass, facilitates quicker fat loss, and boosts your strength by providing 5 grams of creatine in each serving.

The product is reasonably priced and affordable despite it guaranteeing outstanding health benefits. Its manufacturers used only scientifically proven ingredients with creatine monohydrate as the primary creatine source. No fillers or artificial additives dilute the formula’s effectiveness, making it one of our best-performing supplements. You are better positioned to improve your energy and strength and elevate your exercise performance by considering this supplement.

Formulation Powder
Price $28
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Creatine monohydrate


Cellucor Creatine Monohydrate


If you are familiar with fitness supplements, you may have come across Cellucor products. The Cellucor creatine monohydrate is among the brand’s best performing formulas as it guarantees extraordinary effects on your mental and physical well-being. Each supplement container includes 72 servings, allowing you to enjoy value for money while achieving your objectives.

The main reason most users prefer micronized creatine monohydrate is to increase absorption and improve digestion. The Cellucor creatine supplement effectively achieves this, making it a favorite for most individuals who wish to make lean muscle a reality. Avoiding the supplement in the recommended dosage and through the ideal consumption approach, no side effects are expected. Betaine anhydrous, creatine monohydrate, and disodium phosphate are ingredient examples included in the formula to maximize efficiency and effectiveness.

Formulation Powder
Price $20
Dosage One serving daily
Side effects None
Ingredients Betaine anhydrousCreatine monohydrateDisodium phosphate


Other Creatine Supplements Worth Considering

Ghost Muscle Builder


The Ghost muscle builder is a creatine supplement with a massive following mainly for its outstanding health benefits. It is a vegan-friendly, sugar, soy, and gluten-free formula that comes in a larger container and offers more flavors than most supplements. You are assured of the purest. Clinically dosed and highest-grade creatine elements contribute to its general effectiveness.

Unlike other brands, Ghost provides 100% transparent product labels that feature all the necessary information about the supplement and its ingredients. The ingredients include;

  • Creapure® creatine 5G
  • Betaine 2.5G
  • Beta-alanine 3.2G
  • BetaPrime™
  • Senactiv®
  • Astragin®
  • Epicatechin 200MG


ATP-Fusion Creatine Formula


In your fitness-focused quest, the ATP-fusion steel creatine formula is another creatine supplement worth considering. The supplement’s formula brags about being a no-bloat muscle-building aid, perfect for women and men. If your fitness goal is gaining lean muscle without the bloating and water retention offered by most options, consider the Steel creatine supplement. The supplement is easy to consume and requires no loading phases or sugar to facilitate absorption. It being stimulant-free is another aspect contributing to its high performance. Here are the science-proven benefits guaranteed by this supplement:

  • Increase your energy levels
  • Promotes faster recovery
  • Improves cognitive brain function
  • It is a stimulant-free formula
  • Promotes strength gains


Creatine HMB From Transparent Labs


Transparent Labs is a prominent manufacturer of fitness supplements with years of experience under its belt. The creatine HMB supplement is another good product in their catalog as it proves ideal for building muscle and strength. The ingredients used are scientifically proven to affect muscle development, while their dosages are clinically effective. Its formula is free from artificial sweeteners, unnecessary fillers, colored dyes, or other harmful additives.

Creatine HMB shows excellent potential for increasing endurance, enhancing strength, preventing lean muscle loss, and decreasing fat mass. By adding BioPerine® to its formula, the supplement increases absorption and bioavailability significantly. It is time you consider adding creatine HMB to your routine if you want to improve your performance.


How We Ranked Our Top Creatine Supplements

Creatine is an ingredient featured in most body supplements on the market. It is difficult for consumers and manufacturers to identify how well the compound promotes a healthy and active lifestyle. This section explains the criteria used by our team to identify the top prospects mentioned in our best creatine supplements list.

Types of Creatine

There are different variants of creatine, the most common being creatine monohydrate. This compound has several health benefits, including promoting muscle growth and quickened recovery. Other creatine variants also prove effective in realizing your fitness objectives; it would help to try them out and identify which option works best. Some allow you to absorb the available nutrients faster, while other options slightly delay the absorption by taking an “extended-release” approach. Supplements with more than one variant are effective, since the more creatine types you consume, the more benefits you enjoy.


Creatine supplements are relatively affordable, and most consumers can afford them. Unlike other products, high-quality supplements will not require you to break the bank to afford one for your routine. Our list features items with varying price tags; there is something for everyone. For as low as $10, you can get a one-month creatine supplement.

Manufacturers Record

One way to identify quality and reliable units is by evaluating their manufacturer’s track record. Since this industry has existed for years, you expect the companies involved to have spent substantial time creating creatine supplements. How long a brand has been in existence can indicate how well its products might perform in the market. Our list features products from established brands and new manufacturers to help you have a broader pool to choose from.

Label Transparency

Every supplement manufacturer must understand the importance of displaying product information to the consumer. You are better positioned to find the ideal creatine supplement for your routine if you know the ingredients used in the different formulas available. However, some brands intentionally hide specific product information, compromising transparency and exposing you to various health complications. Proprietary blends provide them with the best strategy to evade labeling requirements.

Our list focuses on products from transparent brands. To avoid such shady firms, confirm the product’s label to identify the pure creatine monohydrate dosage in the supplement.

Advertised Benefits

Another aspect we focused on when identifying the best creatine supplements was the advertised benefits. Some brands practice bad advertising that spreads false product benefits to entice buyers and increase sales. However, these brands do not understand the health risk they expose to potential consumers. Avoid products that promise massive muscle gains overnight or other exaggerated effects; the product might be good, but it cannot work miracles. Our list features products with real advertised benefits that can help you achieve your fitness and nutritional objectives.

Companies that guarantee substantial improvements without the user’s participation are another red flag to watch out for when finding the ideal creatine supplement. The options you consider should include supplements that adhere to the creatine cycle to deliver the advertised benefits. If you find that the product purchased does not contain creatine paper forms, avoid it as it may be a fake product.

Effective Creatine Dosage

The creatine dosage in your supplement is also an aspect worth considering. An ideal creatine supplement should contain between three and ten grams of creatine in each serving to ensure effectiveness. Most of the supplements available have a creatine content of four to five grams, which guarantees promising results for most users. Supplements with less than three grams of creatine are ineffective in delivering impactful creatine effects on your system.

Filler Ingredients

Filler ingredients include components with no nutritional value but are included in a supplement’s formula. The primary reason for consuming creatine supplements is to provide our bodies with energy and muscle support. Therefore, including elements that do not contribute to satisfying the consumer is unnecessary. The mentioned prospects in our list do not include filler ingredients.

However, creatine is not as effective when paired with other ingredients alone. Some elements like potassium and sodium prove effective in the supplement’s formula, promoting hydration and other vital body functions. Adding unnecessary features to the recipe only dilutes its effectiveness and makes its consumption pointless in the long run.


Creatine supplements come in different forms. Numerous options come in capsule form, but powdered remedies are most favored because they are easier to consume. However, some powders are clumpy and form uneven mixtures with other liquids. You must select a soluble powdered supplement to ensure you have no complications when preparing your drink. Check the product’s packaging for preparation instructions. Most of the supplements in our list are mixable, while others are available in different forms.


Micronizing is the process that determines how absorbable creatine is in our systems. The theory behind this process is that smaller molecules make it easier for your muscles to absorb and utilize the provided nourishment. Considering this aspect before making your purchase, it will be a better position to get an effective supplement.

Health and Performance Benefits Associated with Creatine Supplements

Boosts Energy

One of the primary reasons individuals consume creatine supplements is to boost their energy levels. Creatine products increase your muscles’ phosphocreatine stores, allowing your muscle cells to produce more energy for the activity engaged. Phosphocreatine is a vital element in supporting ATP formation in your body. These ATP molecules also play substantial roles in ensuring your cells produce enough energy to facilitate your body’s functions.

When exercising, your body breaks down the ATP to achieve the energy levels required for movement and performance. ATP resynthesis affects how well you continue performing and the maximum intensity achieved. Therefore, your body needs to produce ATP faster than consume it to maintain high performance. Creatine supplements promote the resynthesis process and ensure you complete your activities without compromising performance.

Supports Muscle Function

Most of the health benefits of creatine supplements are based on your muscles. These elements create a compelling and practical strategy to add your muscle mass and improve your muscle composition for maximum health benefits. Creatine alters numerous neurological and cellular pathways, facilitating new muscle growth by creating new muscle fibers.

Creatine supplements also lower your insulin-like growth levels. The hormones affected effectively promote increased muscle growth, and you should expect positive impacts on your body build. Cell volumization is another benefit of creatine powders. It involves increasing your muscle’s water content, which contributes to muscle gain and makes weight management more effortless. Creatine also decreases myostatin levels, allowing you to build muscle faster as the molecule is associated with promoting stunted muscle growth.

Increases Performance Intensity

The direct role creatine has in increasing ATP production in your body makes it a significant player in increasing performance intensity. Other factors influenced by creatine and contributing to elevating performance include;

  • Ballistic power
  • Strength
  • Recovery
  • Fatigue resistance
  • Brain performance
  • Muscle endurance
  • Sprint ability
  • Muscle mass

Creatine guarantees its actual benefits to everybody, regardless of your fitness level or experience. Several researchers concluded that the element could increase your routine performance intensity by 15%.

Catalyzes Muscle Growth

Creatine supplement consumers understand its contribution towards adding muscle mass. It is the main reason most individuals consider creatine supplements in their daily routine. Most of these supplements take five to seven days to show significant improvements in muscle size and lean body weight increment. Your muscles can now retain more water content, contributing to the initial rise in muscle composition.

It contributes to muscle fiber growth in the long run by signaling critical biological pathways and boosts your gym performance. A six-week training study focused on individuals using creatine for muscle mass improvement. The average muscle addition was 4.4 pounds more than those without the supplements in their diet. Other comprehensive reviews continue to emphasize its significance in improving your performance when training. Creatine is also less expensive and safer than most supplements considered in sports.

Helps With Parkinson’s Disease

Reduced dopamine levels are the most common indicator of Parkinson’s disease, affecting critical neurotransmitters in your brain. A dopamine level decrease leads to brain cell death and can develop into more severe health complications like speech impairments, tremors, and loss of muscle function. Creatine prevents up to 90% of the dopamine level drop, allowing you to maintain stable levels. These results were from a mice-based test; not much evidence supports it in humans.

Loss of muscle function is expected when diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. Consuming creatine supplements allows you to weight train, which can act as an attempt to prevent losing muscle function. You can combine the supplements with an intense exercise routine to guarantee improved strength and increase your average daily function. However, you need to maintain a creatine consumption of 5 mg daily.

Fights Neurological Diseases

Phosphocreatine is an essential element in brain functioning and cognitive awareness. Its reduction in your system may lead to several neurological diseases which can affect your normal functioning. Since creatine will increase the element content in your system, the disease’s progression can be slowed.

In the tests done on mice for Hummingtons disease, creatine restored more than 72% of their brain’s phosphocreatine stores. It also reduced cell death by around 25%, allowing you to restore normal brain functioning. The research on animals also identifies benefits spreading to other diseases like;

  • Ischemic stroke
  • Brain or spinal injuries
  • Epilepsy

Lowers Your Blood Sugar Levels

Creatine also has a positive effect on moderating your sugar levels by increasing glucose function. Research suggests that creatine can lower blood sugar levels by increasing the glucose transporter type 4 function. GLUT-4 is a molecule responsible for delivering blood sugar into your muscles to provide energy and facilitate muscle growth. Creatine consumers with an active lifestyle tend to have better blood sugar control than individuals who exercise only.

Improves Brain Function

Creatine also plays an essential role in promoting a healthy brain and maintaining its normal function. Your brain requires a specific ATP amount to perform tasks; the amount varies with the complexity and duration of the tasks. Consuming supplements can allow your body to produce more ATP by increasing phosphocreatine stores in the brain. It also promotes brain function by increasing your dopamine levels and mitochondrial function.

Vegetarians find themselves low in creatine, since most of the sources of the elements are meat. Vegetarians considering creatine supplements to achieve their daily creatine content requirement recorded a 20-50% improvement in intelligence and memory test scores. It showed significant improvements in memory and recalling ability in elderly individuals in less than two weeks. Researchers thrive on unfolding more information about the positive findings of creatine in regular meat and fish consumers, especially the younger demographic.

Reduces Stress and Fatigue

Another significant benefit of creatine consumption that contributes to a healthy lifestyle is reducing stress and fatigue. A study on individuals with traumatic brain injuries who consumed creatine showed a 50% reduction in dizziness. Only 10% of the population complained of exhaustion; the rest were relaxed and controlled.

In a different study, creatine effectively increased energy levels when deprived of sleep to reduce fatigue. The compound is effective during training for athletes, especially on high heat days, allowing them to achieve and exceed their performance expectations.

Scientific Evidence Behind Creatine Consumption

Creatine is a compound that proves unreplaceable in the bodybuilding and fitness industry. Multiple research and studies have been directed towards understanding how creatine can promote energy-boosting and muscle production in the human body. These studies demonstrate the actual benefits of creatine and highlight why major brands continue to include this element in their formulas.

A group of students at Baylor University decided to investigate the performance benefits of creatine in 2003. After numerous tests and studies, they concluded that the molecules proved effective in individuals who aimed to achieve better lifts and increase their sprinting speeds. A direct link between using creatine and improving overall muscle was also discovered in this study. However, no lasting effect was observed in improving endurance for individuals in strenuous activities.

70% of the scientific research behind creatine supplements improves muscle mass, while the remaining percentage goes to muscle mass improvement, muscle growth, and short-term performance elevation. Another study in 2017 aimed to understand the numerous benefits derived from including creatine in your routine consistently. No side effects were observed on individuals maintaining a healthy lifestyle before introducing the supplement to their routine. The introduction of creatine also helped these individuals improve their overall workout with a safe and effective approach.

Another standard strategy for maintaining muscle development is stacking creatine and protein. A 2001 study tested creatine’s effects on protein supplements in several consumers. The research revealed a significant increase in lean muscle mass, strength, and maximum bench press in individuals who combine creatine with protein supplements.

Individuals who do not have a muscle-building objective can also benefit from consuming creatine supplements. Creatine shows significant impacts in catalyzing the healing process and improving the overall health of your joints. Creatine can help cushion the harsh aging process by promoting better joint health and regaining nutrition for older individuals.

Elderly individuals can also consider creatine to help maintain their muscle mass and strength even as they age. A 12-week research program focused on the elderly showed that these adults could retain their muscle composition even if they stopped engaging in fitness activities. They also get to enjoy other benefits like minimized exposure to cardiovascular complications.

Cognitive benefits also contribute to the popularity and rampant use of creatine products. If you suffer from mild concussions, including creatine in your diet will help, according to a study in 2019. You can also use the supplement to help your brain maintain normal functioning during stressful circumstances. Other significant benefits include moderating your blood pressure, reducing cancer risk exposure, and improving concentration and focus.

What is the Creatine Dose Recommended?

Most creatine supplements guarantee no more than four to six grams in each serving. This dosage is enough to boost your energy levels and deliver other benefits associated with creatine consumption. The consumption frequency will significantly depend on the product selected; some options have higher contents, and you only need to take them once. If you are serious about training, you will benefit more by consuming creatine before and after your workout.

On the days you don’t plan to work out, it would help to reduce your dosage to help maintain your fitness. Instead of taking a full scoop, consider cutting it down by half or three-quarters. Ensure you keep your creatine content above three grams daily to feel the supplement’s effects.

Some individuals opt to consume higher amounts of creatine, more than 20 grams. This dose is not a health hazard. However, your muscles can only accommodate as much creatine. Any excess creatine becomes wasted and excreted through the kidneys. Limiting your creatine consumption will help improve liver health while saving you money, since your refill frequency will be significantly reduced.

Specialists recommend high creatine concentrations in individuals with a robust build; their bodies can handle the extra content. Your creatine content can extend up to 12 grams for individuals over 200 lbs. without any adverse effects.

Why Am I Not Seeing Results Despite Consuming Creatine Supplements?

Consuming creatine is not a guarantee that you will achieve your fitness objectives. Other factors play substantial roles in determining how well the supplements function in your body. Here are some mistakes to avoid to get the most out of your creatine-inclusive routine.

You Rely on Supplements to Achieve Your Daily Creatine Content

Although creatine supplements guarantee to provide you with the necessary elements for improved functioning, you should consider other creatine sources. Relying on creatine supplements for your daily nutrition might lead to you coming short on some days. For example, what happens when you run out of supplements? If you don’t take the creatine capsules daily, you are more likely not to experience the actual benefits of creatine.

One way around this is buying a tub of creatine. This strategy is more cost-effective, and the formulas come unflavored, so you can mix it with several drinks. You should ensure you saturate your cells with the substrate to take full advantage of the creatine benefits.

You Do Not Settle on Products

There are dozens of creatine supplements promising outstanding health benefits. Trying out different types of products is the best approach to getting the ideal option that works best for you. However, it would help if you gave the formula enough time to take effect. Switching products irresponsibly is not only bad for your health, but you are less likely to understand how the formula works.

Resist the urge to try out two or more formulas as it may exceed your creatine requirement and result in wasted resources. According to numerous research studies, creatine monohydrate is the best option for realizing your fitness objectives.

You Are Not Consistent

Consistency is vital when consuming creatine supplements for specific health objectives. Most of us take creatine supplements because our foods do not provide enough creatine content or find them convenient nutrient sources. Your body excretes around 2 grams of creatine daily, meaning you need to replace the lost content. Consistency in consuming the supplement ensures you maintain a reliable compound supply to facilitate body and brain functions.

You could rely on food to provide you with at least 5 grams of creatine, meaning you will need to consume two to three pounds of meat to achieve this amount. Creatine supplements are cheaper sources of the element as one scoop of the formula is enough content to push you through the day in most products. It only becomes an issue once you take extended breaks from consuming creatine and can cause a decline in your gym and overall performance.

Wrong Workouts

Creatine effectively increases strength and improves speed in your performance. However, you are unlikely to experience these benefits if you pair your creatine consumption with a routine that does not utilize these aspects. Practices focused on endurance and maintaining steady heart conditions will expose your body to fewer benefits. Consider consulting a fitness specialist for a workout routine that will allow you to get the most out of your creatine supplementation.

You Do Not Put in the Work

Some creatine consumers complain of formula inefficiency when they do not exercise. Regular exercising is crucial if you want to see the true effects of creatine on your system. Consuming the supplements without getting active cannot magically increase your size or strength; you must get up and exercise hard for the set objectives.

It will also help avoid expectations of immediate and profound effects when introducing creatine to your diet. It takes some time for you to feel the creatine effects in your muscles. You will observe gradual changes to your work capacity and bodybuilding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Find Creatine in Food?

You can find a significant amount of your daily creatine content in your food. Specific foods feature creatine properties that provide the necessary support to your body’s functions. However, to ensure you are well equipped for intense workouts, you should consider consuming creatine supplements.

Which Foods Should I Eat for Creatine?

Not many foods have a significant creatine content. You can get creatine from eating salmon, raw beef, or other similar meats. Each pound of these meat types contains a creatine content of one to two grams, meaning you will have to increase your food consumption or include supplements in your diet.

Are There Any Benefits to Consuming Creatine?

There are numerous health benefits to consuming creatine. The primary reason why most individuals use creatine supplements is to boost their energy levels and move a step closer to achieving their fitness and weight goals. It also improves lean muscle mass, encourages muscle growth, and supports recovery after workouts. Several studies also show that creatine improves cognitive functioning, helps maintain a healthy heart, and provides impressive benefits.

Are There Any Side Effects to Consuming Creatine?

Creatine is less likely to display any side effects on healthy individuals. Since your body produces creatine, the supplements will only increase your levels. Regardless of how long you use creatine supplements, you will unlikely experience adverse effects or withdrawals.

However, you should expect to gain weight when consuming creatine consistently. To some users, weight gain is part of their objective, and they view it as lean body mass, which provides the bulk they so desire.

Older adults are at more risk of experiencing the few side effects caused by consuming creatine. These individuals are at risk of developing health complications like liver disease, high blood pressure, and kidney disease. It would help to seek the advice of your health care provider before introducing creatine supplements into your routine to ensure you maintain a healthy lifestyle.

What Creatine Variant is Best

Each creatine variant has its own specific function in the human body, and every user has their best. Creatine monohydrate is the most popular creatine variant that delivers outstanding health benefits. Other variants like creatine anhydrous also prove effective in supporting numerous body functions and elevating your overall performance. Supplements with a mixture of different creatine variants perform better compared to creatine monohydrate options.

Is It Okay to Cycle Creatine?

Creatine consumers tend to cycle it to improve how well their bodies absorb the creatine content. You may find that individuals who consume around 20 grams on a working out day consume less than 5 grams on the days they plan to maintain their results. There is little scientific evidence supporting creatine cycling, but numerous users claim it delivers promising results.

What Time Should You Take Creatine?

The time of day to consume creatine supplements is irrelevant. It all depends on your workout routine and fitness goals. However, splitting the consumption into equal portions throughout the day will help in ensuring you get all-day support. You can divide your consumption into three doses, five grams each. The creatine content will get absorbed more effectively by spreading it into smaller amounts than consuming a huge load once.

Can Creatine Damage Your Kidney Function?

In older adults, consuming creatine supplements can consistently impact your kidney. On the other hand, healthy individuals are less likely to experience liver complications from consuming creatine if they adhere to the recommended dose. If you have any history of health complications or are under any medication, seeking professional advice from a licensed health care provider will help.

Can Creatine Cause Obesity?

Creatine supplements support increasing lean body mass. It is ideal for individuals with a short-term weight gain objective, since the creatine properties promote fluid retention in your system. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and ensuring you exercise regularly is one strategy you can use to resist weight gain or swelling from consuming creatine.

How Much Creatine Should I Take?

Consuming creatine supplements is unnecessary for your body and can produce the required content for normal body functioning. Creatine supplements should only be viewed as nutrition sources for individuals who want to include them in their routine for a specific objective. You are better positioned to experience the actual effects of creatine by taking around ten to twenty grams daily. If you wish to maintain the results, three to five grams is enough to keep you on track.

Is Creatine Loading Necessary?

Creating loading involves consuming considerably large amounts of creatine supplements in a short period to increase the content saturation in your muscles. Fitness specialists recommend the process as a practical approach to increase your muscle mass and experience fastened creatine effects. However, creatine loading is not necessary for boosting your total creatine levels.

Lower creatinine levels are more effective than higher concentrations in maximizing the creatine stores of your muscles. Despite its effectiveness, the process may take longer. It can take three more weeks to achieve the muscle mass developed by an individual practicing creatine loading for one week.


The use of creatine in health and fitness improvement efforts is not new. Health gurus and experienced trainers have used the element in their routines for decades, proving its significance in the fitness industry. The element is a critical ingredient in numerous supplements, testosterone boosters, and other legal alternatives to steroids.

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