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TikToker swaps home cooked meals for Taco Bell burritos

She’s in for a Taco Bellyache. 

With the price of gas, goods and groceries at an all time high, one trending TikTok tastemaker revealed her master plan to cut costs and save time: Eat a fast food burrito from Taco Bell for every meal, every day of the week. 

“Why do I even try to cook? This Taco Bell burrito was $1.11 and tastes so much better than anything I could ever cook,” social media savant @Ed.Edd.N.Eden says in her viral video. 

“If I ate one every meal during the week, I [would] only spend $23.31, which is a lot lower than my current grocery bill,” she continues in the clip, which has garnered over 566,600 views. In the appetizing post, the cheeky content creator shows herself chowing down on a burrito that she lathers in Taco Bell’s spicy Fire! sauce. “Might be a good investment,” she adds.

And while her vow to ditch home-cooked meals for a daily diet of dine-out bites might have been a bit facetious, it seems TikTok onlookers are totally onboard with regularly grubbing on a budget. 

“I am not joking. I have eaten $3-$5 worth of taco bell dollar menu stuff for years, five days a week. I am an absolute animal,” boasted a brave-bellied bragger in the comments section of the woman’s post. “Buy them all at once and freeze them to avoid price fluctuations,” suggested another. 

Other participants of the trend chimed in with tips for saving even more money while following the Taco Bell regimen. 

“You could also get the taco pass for $10 and get one free taco a day per month,” advised a thrifty audience member. “I say this to people that tell me it’s cheaper to cook yourself. I can’t make burgers and burritos for $2 are you kidding,” another fast-foodie added. 

Commenters seemed to approve of an all-fast-food diet as a way to save time and money.
Joshua Blanchard

However, nutrition-conscious naysayers quickly brought the fare fiesta to an end, warning revelers of the health risks that come with overindulging on cheap eats.  

“Processed toxic food is best kept to a once and a while thing,” a commenter cautioned. “Gotta factor in the medical bills,” another reminded, noting the typically high fat, sodium and cholesterol contents of most items on fast food menus – like burgers, fries and tacos. 

According to the Cleveland Clinic, “unhealthy diets increase your chances of developing depression, cancer, Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and other chronic conditions.”

TikToker goes viral with video about swapping out home cooked meals for a daily diet of Taco Bell burritos.
TikToker goes viral with video about swapping out home cooked meals for a daily diet of Taco Bell burritos.
@ed.edd.n.eden/ TikTok

As much was true for one commenter, who’s now coping with the adverse effects of eating exclusively inexpensive edibles.   

“This was my dad’s logic,” said the critic. “So, he fed me Taco Bell for breakfast and lunch every day and I have Crohn’s disease now bestie so maybe don’t,” she urged, referring to the inflammatory bowl disease.

Despite the potential damage to her digestive system, @Ed.Edd.N.Eden liked a comment that advised her to budget for extra bathroom necessity, like toilet paper, due to fast food’s laxative-like properties. 

“Definitely agree,” said a supporter of the movement. “Just make sure to account for the extra TP you’ll need to buy.”