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Bocce’s Bakery now offers a line of supplements for our dogs

When it comes to tasty treats for our pups, there is something to be said for what Bocce’s Bakery has to offer. They always bring the magic at the holidays (basically any holiday) with dog treats inspired by everything from Christmas and Thanksgiving to Easter and Valentine’s Day. Plus, it is always nice to know that we can just head on over to the closest Target and stock up on these tasty treats that our dogs love.

While we certainly love all things Bocce’s Bakery when it comes to their dog treats, we are always looking for new things from the companies and brands we love. And now they are taking things to the next level by expanding their offerings from just offering those tasty dog treats, to adding supplements to their lineup.

Much like some of their classic dog treats, their new supplements come in the shape of the letter B and are available in five recipes that are designed to cover a specific area of concern.

Bocce’s Bakery adds dog supplements to their product lineup


Bocce’s Bakery Introduces New Wellness Category For Your Pup. Image courtesy of Bocce’s Bakery

So what are the five dog supplements that Bocce’s now has to offer? And what are the areas of concern that these supplements address?

  • Calming: This comes in a Banana & Honey Flavor
  • Multivitamin: A classic supplement for any pup that comes in Cheese & Honey Flavor
  • Probiotic: This supplement comes in Pumpkin, Sweet Potato & Ginger Flavor
  • Hip & Joint: Great for our dogs as they get older, this supplement comes in a Peanut Butter & Honey Flavor
  • Skin & Coat: Another great supplement for our pups as they get older, this one comes in a Salmon Flavor

As fans of Bocce’s Bakery, we can’t wait to give these supplements a try with our own staff pup. We are especially excited to give the calming and multivitamin a try as we think these two are definitely a great idea for our girl (we would totally go with hip & joint if she didn’t have a lack of appreciation for anything peanut butter flavored).

Now we just need to get some of these supplements for our pup to try.

But what do you think fellow dog lover? Are you a fan of Bocce’s Bakery products? Will you be giving their new line of dog supplements a try with your pup? Which supplement are you the most excited to have in your pup’s diet? And do you want to see them add more formulas to the lineup?