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3 chicken marketing campaigns that won consumers in 2021

Marketing campaigns play a vital role in the fight to keep chicken as the protein at the center of the plate. This is why the all-new Chicken Marketer of the Year award recognizes the fantastic job retail and foodservice partners do to promote chicken consumption. 

Good marketing captures a consumer’s attention, helping them realize the benefits of a certain product. In recognition of this fact, I thought I’d share three ad campaigns about chicken that caught my eye (and made me hungry) in 2021.

1. Jollibee enlists the help of the chicken sandwich attorney

The “Chris P. Poultry” advertising campaign from Jollibee is a favorite of my colleague, Roy Graber. 

“We’ve all seen those ads with the bombastic attorney, who ensures viewers that if they were done wrong, he or she can make things right. The Jollibee ads do a great job of lampooning these sorts of ads,” he wrote in a blog post last year.

The attorney is also found on Twitter, where the chicken sandwich attorney provides consultation to consumers that were “harmed by a ‘fowl’ chicken sandwich” in the form of a coupon for the brand’s Chickenwich.

2. Tyson Foods highlights the versatility of chicken

Chicken is one of the most versatile proteins on the planet. It’s one of the few meats that can be eaten on the go or as part of a fancy, sit down occasion or holiday meal. This Tyson Foods ad spotlights that there’s “More to Love” when it comes to their chicken.

3. KFC throws shade at chicken competitors

“Chicken Business” promotes the new Kentucky Fried Chicken Sandwich, while also throwing shade at the number of quick service restaurant competitors that attempted to capitalize on the success of the chicken sandwich wars.

The KFC marketing campaign also included strategically placed billboards featuring blunt messaging stating that “We make the chicken sandwiches around here.”

Poking fun at competitors is a timeless marketing strategy. After all, we likely wouldn’t have ever had the chicken sandwich wars without the viral feud between rival brands Chick-fil-A and Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen.

What do you think?

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